Here are some of the training programs available



This checklist is a summary of the entire podcast training program.  By completing each step on this list, you will have your podcast launched by the time you finish!

This is available for download - for FREE!

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Podcasting Made Easy Training Guide


This is book I created that will walk you through the entire launch process. From "Concept to Launch and even into Monetization!"  This book takes the free checklist and expands into detail on how to implement each step.

It is a great value at only $37

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9 Video Series on Podcast Training


These nine videos will walk you through the entire process of planning, setting up and launching your podcast. Follow along in sequence, do the homework and you will have launched your podcast by the last video!  I Guarantee It!!!

Only $197

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The Complete Podcast Training System


This is the COMPLETE system that will take you "by the hand" and walk with you, step by step, as you launch you podcast.

This training plan includes group coaching calls, live Q&A, Private Facebook Group, a "Podcasters Directory" on my website (where I can send traffic to the directory for you), plus a special BONUS. 

BONUS:  I will interview YOU on my podcast - about YOUR PODCAST!  Ten minutes in length and you can use it as a promo for your podcast! 

This training program is our most popular and will benefit you immensely!   It comes with a 30 day MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!  If you do not think this training is right for you, just let me know within the first 30 days and I will refund ALL of your money!


ONLY $197 before it goes to $497

Complete Training Program!

One - on - One Access Training!


With this training plan, you receive everything in the "Complete Podcast Training System" PLUS a 30 minute, private call with me - every two weeks.

This plan is the perfect compliment to the group coaching plan. It will allow you to ask me anything during our calls together (without worrying about what others think).

I will take you, personally, through the entire process and you will be ready to launch successfully sooner than you think!

This program is basically a "One-on-One" Coaching Program that includes all of the benefits of the Group Coaching as well. You can use to to collaborate with others - and maybe even get them to be guests on your podcast or you can be guest on their podcasts!  The possibilities are endless!

Of course, it comes with the 30 day Money Back Guarantee!

Only $1,997 for an entire year of access!!!


Legal Disclaimer (You Know - Lawyer Required Stuff)


The contents of this training are based on my personal experience and research. Your results may vary, and will be based on your individual situation and motivation. There are no guarantees concerning the level of success you may experience. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation.

I do offer "Money Back Guarantee's" with every product or service purchased. Depending on the product and the type of training, each "Money Back Guarantee" period is different. Please check the guarantee period for the product or service you are purchasing.

From time to time, I may offer product or service recommendations from others (if I believe the product or service will be of benefit to you).  If you choose to purchase from these other providers, I may receive an Affiliate Commission from your purchase. 

Whether I receive an affiliate commission or not does not influence my recommendation. I do not recommend "junk" and I do not recommend products or services unless I have used them and appreciate their value.

Additional Training You Can Use

Facebook Likes Campaign


In this video training, I take you by the hand and show you how I went from ZERO likes and followers to over 5,000 in just a little over one month.

I've tested this method twice before this training (this training is video of each step every couple of days). This is the 3rd time I have used this method and it WORKS!

This is the 1st Phase in a 3 Phase plan to build up a loyal, targeted following on Facebook which will allow you to sell your products or services.

Cost for this training is only $97

You can purchase only this training or each of the three phases separately. That way, you only have to purchase the ones you need.

If you prefer the "package deal," you can sign up for the "Complete Podcast Training" (all three are included there) OR the "3 Phase Facebook Campaign Package" at a discounted rate.

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Starting & Promoting Your Facebook Group



This is the 2nd Phase of our 3 Phase Plan to build a targeted following that will be ready to purchase your products or services through Facebook.

This training will take you from the completion of the FB Likes Campaign and begin to market your FB Group to your new followers.

We are not going to focusing on "selling" anything in this phase (we may offer a couple of low ticket things along the way just to introduce some of our services). The emphasis is on RELATIONSHIPS at this point.

Again, it will be step by step video training that will take approximately one month to complete.

The cost of this training as a stand alone product is $79.  Or you can purchase the complete FB Training Program or the "Complete Podcast Training Program" (which includes EVERYTHING).

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If you have followed along in the prior two phases (and completed the work along the way to stay with us), you should be in a great position to now make some money!

This is more about the "relationship" you have established and becoming an "expert" in the eyes of those in your group.  This phase will lead you in the product development (of your product or service) and how to effectively offer it to your group without being overbearing or offensive.

If you have followed along, it will seem like a normal progression and a unique opportunity to your group members.

This training can be purchased separately for $97 or as part of the complete FB Training Program (and is also included in the "Complete Podcast Training Program'). 

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